For over a decade Mary Ellen Harden has been hand-illustrating stationery and gift products, to the delight of customers nationwide.

MARY ELLEN HARDEN always wanted to work creatively. Looking back to a family trip to Disney World in the third grade touring MGM Studios she watched artists working over sketch pads and was mesmerized by the possibility of a career in design. The dream developed to running her own stationery company. During college at the University of Kentucky she worked in a local gift boutique allowing her to study industry leaders. She spent spring break developing her first card line and then graduated to join a national greeting card company located right in the bluegrass, Wall Street Greetings. Through the support she received from her work mentors she started Mellen. Today Harden is President of Wall Street Greetings and enjoys Mellen as a side creative outlet.

Mary Ellen's artwork, for both Mellen and Wall Street Greetings, has been featured in national publications, trade show news and nominated in both the industry acclaimed Louie Awards and Trendy Awards. In 2018 Harden was named a Gift and Stationery Magazine 40 Under 40 Awardee. 
The Mellen line is Southern, made in the United States, women-owned and environmentally conscious.

Time is precious. Thank you for spending some of yours with Mellen … enjoy a bit of color!

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